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LadySystem Pelvic Floor Therapy is the simple and clinically proven way to reducestore pelvic floor strength and resolve feminine stress incontinence. LadySystem works by using your body’s natural reflexes to exercise and restore tone to the muscles weakened by pregnancy and childbirth.

easy to use LadySystem takes only 15 minutes twice a day and requires little effort on your part. Meanwhile, you are free to continue with your normal daily activies. You simply insert one of the weighted cones intravaginally like a tampon, and forget about it until it’s time to take it out. It really is that simple.

safe and natural LadySystem is a pelvic floor exercise therapy, and it works by using your body’s natural reflex contractions to provide a mild but effective physiotherapy. The process of recovery is gentle and completely safe.

clinically proven LadySystem has achieved high success rates in extensive clinical tests and is recommended at major hospitals and clinics worldwide. LadySystem has been used successfully by tens of thousands of women since its launch in 1994.

rapidly effective LadySystem starts to improve pelvic floor tone within two weeks, and symptoms resolve after as little as 8 weeks of regular use.

post-natal recovery LadySystem is recommended routinely to new mothers by gynaecologists, midwives and physiotherapists as part of the normal post-natal recovery programme. For women who plan to have more than one child, it is particularly important to re-strengthen the pelvic floor muscles after each pregnancy.

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